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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

What is the difference between sativas, indicas and hybrids?

Sativa, Indica and Hybrid, oh my! Marijuana is now quickly becoming legalized throughout the United States whether its medicinal or recreational. YAY! Maybe you've always been curious about it, but too nervous to try it, because of its legality charges for being caught with it. Or it's the bad reputation it has gained from mainstream media. Whatever your reason may be, I am here to help educate and hopefully debunk a lot of the stigma around weed!

With it officially open to Adult-Use for 21 and up here in Arizona, I have had more people than ever coming to me with questions about this wonderful plant! In this post, I am going to start with the main strains that you should know about when choosing your medicine: sativa, indica, and hybrids!


Sativa's are known as the “uppers” in the cannabis industry which makes these specific strains best for morning and day-time use such as: helping stay focused, sparking creativity, enhancing your mood, and getting shit done along with being medicated!

Though some people experience a state of anxiousness when consuming sativa strains; most times that’s due to the increase of heart rate because it can be a more invigorating strain. If you are someone who experiences this, but enjoys a nice sativa strain and is constantly on the go, I do suggest pairing it with some CBD or even trying some sativa 1:1 (THC:CBD) low dosage edibles (5-10mgs) to start.

Physical Traits: Sativa strains are usually characterized by their longer and more narrow leafy structure.


The most beloved strain of all, Indicas! These babies are most known for their “In-Da-Couch” qualities, making this strain more desirable to be consumed at night time!

While most heavy users have mastered the temptations of slumping all day while medicating on indicas, I don’t really recommend these for consumption before your big day at work. Indica strains help aid in: Insomnia, anxiety, migraines/headaches, back pain and increase an all-over body relaxation. So put on your favorite film, grab a yummy snack, and a glass of water, because you will want to be prepared to be couch-locked for the rest of the evening in complete canna-bliss!

Physical Traits: Indica strains are known for their shorter and more stout leafy structure.


Middle child problems run high with this one! In my experience bud-tending, Hybrid strains tend to get overlooked, even though most of these strains hold qualities of real beneficial value, because it is a split between a sativa and an indica. Best of both buds!

Not all hybrids are strict 50/50, due to extensive cross breeding of other strains to create a new lineage of cannabis, some tend be more indica-dominant or sativa-dominant depending on its genetics. Though for the sake of this novice friendly post, we are

going to say it is an even combination making it a True Hybrid! They can take on equal characteristics such as bringing you body relief of some back pain you have acquired throughout the years; but instead of making you completely sedated, it also sparks the drive to dive back into your creativity! I recommend these strains for mid-late afternoon and evening consumption.

Physical Traits: Hybrid strains can range somewhere between sativa and indica structures, just depending on the strain.

What strains are the best?

Marijuana has profoundly more benefits and science behind it than just it's beautiful flower and potent smell. I love each strain for each of the reasons I have mentioned above.

Every strain holds value and I hope that this can you help you decide what strains are the best for you, the next time you go to your local dispensary to pick up the perfect prescription!

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