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What Are The Best Ways To Get High?

Flower, Concentrate, edibles, oh my!

So you've learned that maybe smoking is too harsh on your lungs? Or maybe you ate a brownie and thought you were going to die? Or you probably have been smoking for a while and are just now able to experiment with new ways now that it is more easily accessible? Whatever your reason may be, hopefully, the knowledge I have learned can help you as well!

Why Smoke Marijuana?

Flower consumption is the most popular method in the world of cannabis. It is typically an immediate high, but in some cases can take up to 30 minutes. The high itself can last up to a few hours, but the initial potency wears off usually around the first hour. Every person is designed with an endocannabinoid system, making the consumption of marijuana easier on the body to digest, absorb, and relieve. We also all have different biochemistry makeups, so what works for one person may not work for you! When it comes to smoking flower, you are getting the full-body profile of the bud; so if you like the way it smells, you'll most likely love the way it resonates due to your genetic build!

Now here some of the ways that flower can be smoked:

*Prerolls (also known as a "Joint")

-rolled with paper


-Rolled in a tobacco or hemp wrap


-Large glass water pipe


-small glass water pipe


- handheld

-no water filtration

*Dry Herb Vaporizer

-A vape pen for flower

What Is Concentrate?

Wax, shatter, crumble, etc are all pretty common names of concentrate that you have probably heard of! This type of product is made to break down the flower into its most concentrated smokable form of THC. Due to these products having higher percentages of THC in them they can be pretty heavy hitters the first few puffs, or if you are someone with a higher tolerance to flower, this can be a way to spice up your smoking sessions! This type of high is almost instant and lasts up to up to a few hours and sometimes longer depending on the THC%! One thing to keep in mind about this route is that it does increase your tolerance, and sometimes not for the better. Higher tolerance = more money on the product. When smoking concentrates they are done through a method called dabbing. Dabbing is when you have a smaller glass piece referred to as a rig, using a torch to heat up the banger/nail then dropping a "dab" of wax into the preheated reciprocal which leads to a vapor inhalation rather than smoke!

Here are some of the different types of concentrate and how to smoke them:

*Shatter, Crumble, sugar, diamonds, rosin, live resin, dough, batter, and butter

-These are some of the different consistencies/types of concentrate


-Using a wax/dab pen for on-the-go

-Top off your bowl of flower or add to a preroll/blunt


-These can be distillate and live resin

-Cartridges attach to a battery for portable smoking similar to a nicotine vape

*Distillate Syringes

-Refilling empty cartridges


-Adding to a bowl, blunt or joint

-Cooking with to make a medicated meal

Why Edibles?

One way to treat yourself to some high quality THC, without the hassle of smoking, is by indulging in yummy snacks such as gummies, brownies, cookies, juice, cold brew, etc. When munching on edibles you should always start small because you can always consume more, but you cannot ingest less! Edibles kick into effect anywhere between 15 minutes to 3 hours, so please proceed with caution when taking more! The high itself can last from 4 to 8 hours, but the initial intensity usually resides after an hour or two, which is why I usually take them at night time. Desired milligram dosages range depending on your height, weight, metabolism, internal health, and tolerance. Let's say you are a beginner to all of this, so the starting mg you are going to consume is going to be around 2.5-5. If you are someone who has more experience in this realm, you will most likely be able to start out at 10mg. Now not all edibles are made the same, causing them to consist of different potencies! So 10mg of an RSO infused edible is going to be a lot stronger and heavier high, rather than one that is made with distillate.

These are the most common ways to make edibles and the effects they will most likely carry:


-Covering the edible with a THC solution/distillate and typically has more controlled effects.

-Great for beginners or people with lower tolerances


-Mixing the THC ingredient of choice into the products then cooking/baking as so

-Most preferred method

-Can be made with RSO, distillate, etc

-Proceed with caution and ask your patient consultant/budtender what kind of THC was used

So What Is The Best Method To Getting Stoned?

At the end of the day, everyone has their own personal way of getting high and it's only you who can decide which is the best. Each method of "getting lit" carries its own unique effects that help each person in a way that fits them. So if you have been a flower smoker who needs a little flair added to your regimen, maybe check out concentrates! Or possibly you want to switch to a more holistic route of medicine, THC, and THC: CBD edibles are more of a smokeless option! If you haven't checked out my last post about what strains could work best for you and my opinion on them, here it is. So the next time you hit up the dispensary, shake things up a bit and ask more about the products you are unfamiliar with because it really could be a game-changer, Happy Medicating!

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